The Wrapped Living Room Christmas Morning Tradition

Where is our decorated tree? Where are the gifts?

As my children awake each Christmas morning they run down the stairs to see what Santa has left them under the tree only to be stopped in their tracks by the shock that Santa has actually wrapped our entire living room. They can no longer see the Christmas Tree let alone the gifts that were placed underneath. Santa has hidden it all under our wrapped living room.

Each Christmas after we finish placing all the presents under the tree we then hang paper from the ceiling to the ground and completely wrap our living room and then write on the paper notes from Santa.

Not only is it exciting for my kids to arrive to a wrapped living room but it also allows the anticipation to build while we first eat our Christmas breakfast together as a family.

There has even been a time or two that the belief was that Santa is still in their placing packages under the tree. As my children stood outside the wrapped living room the paper would move and rattle due to the heater vent blowing on it. But, in their minds that was Santa moving about in the living room.

I should tell you that Santa does leave their stockings outside of the wrapped living room to give the children something to do while breakfast is being prepared.

TIP – We purchase for a couple of dollars the end rolls from our local newspaper to use in wrapping our living room.

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