Stop Water Harming Your Health With These Essential Tips

All of us have water in our homes. It flows through the pipes on every level from the basement to the attic. We drink it, we cook with it, we wash in it, and we clean with it. But even filtered water can soon harbor nasty germs and bacteria over time. It’s essential that you keep all the areas where water may be absolutely clean.

If you have a leak in your roof, you’ll soon spot the staining on your ceiling. Water is generally clean, but when it mixes with the air and sunlight, all kinds of nasties can start to grow. Mold and mildew are quite common in houses with leaky pipes or roofs. You can tackle these problems with bleach to kill the germs, but it’s not always safe or practical to do so. Instead, fix the source of the problem. Get that roof repaired and the pipe fixed.

We often use a filter in our drinking water tap or jug. This must regularly be changed to avoid any bacteria building up, especially from natural light exposure. Check your manual to see how to do it and where to buy supplies. Faucet taps should regularly be cleaned too as sludge and slime can build up. Your water will then pass over this, and some of it may come out.

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If you have a waterbed, you can keep the mattress clean and bacteria free by completing the recommended maintenance routine. You can shop for your waterbed supplies online to find all the necessary tools and treatments. Emptying the mattress doesn’t need to be too tricky if you invest in the right equipment. You can then treat the mattress with the right chemicals to ensure your bed remains the good health investment you paid for.

It is a little known fact that your shower head can harbor Legionnaires disease. This develops through incorrect cleaning so it’s essential you take the attachments apart for a thorough clear out. Chest and respiratory problems can occur around dirty water. The water may have been clean when it entered the system. But it can become contaminated by unsanitary attachments like taps and shower heads. Keep yours clean to avoid any nasties getting out.

When it rains, the water will run off your roof and into the gutters. It is then fed down the guttering into the waste water drains. These need to be cleared out regularly to avoid water damage to your home. If they are blocked, the water will cascade down your walls and windows. Over time this can penetrate your home, causing harmful mold spores indoors. Standing water next to your home can also damage your foundations eventually. Keep your gutters clear and your drains free from debris.

Water is essential to our lives. We couldn’t live without it in our homes. But we have to be so careful to be sure we are using it safely. Mold spores and pink bacteria can be very harmful to family members with breathing problems. And nobody wants to be bathing in sludge! Take care to keep your water healthy.

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