Top Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe At Home

As parents, we want our children to feel safe no matter what. It’s our job to help them grow into confident and well-rounded adults. We don’t want them to be scared of the world or afraid of other people. We shouldn’t wrap our children up in cotton wool, even if all we want to do is to protect them. It’s vital that we teach our children how to keep themselves safe, even in the sanctuary of our homes. We also need to ensure our families are protected from thieves and prepared for other potential dangers. These tips offer some of the best ways you can keep you kids safe at home and prepare them for whatever life throws at them.

Using a phone in an emergency

Teaching your child how to use a mobile or house phone may seem ridiculous. But you never know when an accident will happen. Preparing your child in advance will help them stay calm should anything happen to you. Explain when is the right time to call for help. Show them what number they need to dial and what buttons to press. It might be easier to teach them on a house phone in case your phone has a password. Emergency service operators are trained to communicate with children, but teach them to speak clearly. This is a valuable life lesson that your child will carry with them throughout their lives.

Get Smart Security

A break in can be a traumatic time for children as they will lose the safety of their home. Get smart security to keep your home safe at all times. These systems can contact your phone and inform you of a disturbance while also contacting the police service. This means you can prepare yourself and your family and spare them the initial shock. It may even give you time to take your child to a friends house while you make your home feel safe again. To get smart security in your home visit

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Don’t let them open the front door

Unless you give them permission, do not allow your child to open the front door. There could be anybody on the other side, and it’s not safe to leave them unattended with a stranger. Keep your front doors locked or may it more difficult for them to open it. If they do open the door, encourage them to come and find you straight away. More than likely it will just be a friend or neighbor, who won’t mind waiting for you to appear before stepping inside. But you can never be too careful.

Use passwords and check reviews

You can use passwords and parent blocks to protect your children from inappropriate things online and on TV.  You can visit websites online that review how age appropriate TV shows, and films are. Reading these reviews means you don’t have any nasty surprises halfway through. You can now feel comfortable leaving your kids to watch a show knowing that it is safe. Hide the remote too for some additional protection.

These are some top tips for keeping your children safe from dangers at home. It’s mostly common sense stuff. It’s never too early to start teaching these things so start today!

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