Things to Consider Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior

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Want to give your home a quick makeover? There’s no better way than by painting the exterior of the house. Whether you choose to stick with your current color or want to try a new shade, this home DIY project will have everyone complimenting your beautiful home. After all, who can resist a place that has fantastic “curb appeal?” If your house is going on the real estate market or you are thinking about it, this is something you can do that certainly will raise the asking price!

But keep in mind that if you are doing this as a DIY project, it is important to take the steps to do it properly. It’s simply not enough to slap a quick coat of fresh paint on your home and consider it done. Today’s painting technology offers you more opportunities to create a polished, professional look with minimal fuss. You’ve also got dozens of colors to completely customize your home’s personality. Realize this is an opportunity to create a welcoming and beautiful home you’ll be proud to raise a family in, welcome guests to or to turn over the keys to the new homeowner. Let’s talk about what you’ll want to think about regarding painting the exterior of your home:

Start by Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing house paint. Consider your home’s architecture and also your sense of style when selecting colors. The perfect exterior paints are ones that work well with the home and also your personal tastes. Most homeowners realize they need to choose not just one, but several colors to complete this project. This is because you are painting trim and the front door in colors that will contrast to your main color. The best way to begin is to choose one main color you prefer and then to find colors that go well with it.

Consider Your Neighbors when Getting Ready to Paint

There is an old story about a feud between neighbors that is often told. One neighbor became so furious with the other that they went out and painted their own home a bright blue shade, out of spite. So their neighbor would have to look at this startling shade all the time and find it irritating. Today’s homes can be found in many more colors than generations ago but parts of this story still ring very true. If you are choosing new colors for your home then you want them to compliment the homes nearby. But you also want to think of your neighbors when preparing your painting schedule to be as considerate as possible.

Let them know you are painting your home so they can expect to see you or workmen on your property. Be tidy when putting your painting trash out by the curb so it is not an “eyesore” for others. If you need access to your neighbor’s property to put a ladder on it to reach part of your house or roof, let them know in advance. Outdoor home painting has now become nearly a year-round DIY project, with advances in quality in eco-friendly house paint. You can paint in outdoor temps as cold as 35 degrees! In other words: be the neighbor you would hope they would be if they were doing a home painting job.

House Painting Safety is Important

Painting the exterior of your home is a project most can tackle as a DIY but it is important to keep safety in mind. One of the basic challenges any painter will face is the increased height as you paint the house. Today’s DIY homeowner can rent scaffolds and higher ladders to help them reach the top of their home. Always take the time to learn how new equipment works, even if it is simply a bigger ladder as it is something different you are adding to your project. If parts of your project feel intimidating or the increased height makes you nervous, consider hiring a handyman to complete the job. You could paint the first floor, front door and all of the trim and then bring in professional help to get the rest completed now that you have all of the paint and tools.

Today’s homeowner has more options with exterior home painting than ever before. Painting one’s home is one of the top ways to increase the asking price of a house on the real estate market. It’s also a wonderful way to maintain the current good looks of your property. So go ahead, pick out your colors and get a brush to create the home of your dreams!

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