Planning Your First House Warming Party


The joy of buying the very first house that you can call your own can last very long. After going through a string of beautiful houses for sale in Melbourne from Lend Lease, you feel like you are in a cloud nine because of this milestone that you just achieved. Also, this is a symbolism of a new beginning for you and your family. Therefore, hold on to that excitement and start planning your very first house warming party.

This article will guide you in planning and organizing a house warming party to invite friends and family to join you in this extremely happy moment in your life.

1. Come up with a theme

To put you on track for this party, it is advisable to think of a theme that you could use. Well, you can use the theme that you used for your house. For example, is your house modern type, classic one, was it patterned to some European style, Asian style or whatnot. You can use those as ideas for theme of your party. You can check out designs online and then go around Melbourne crafts store for added inspiration. The fact that it is your very first house can also be a good idea to use as theme.

2. Look for date that is convenient for everyone

Housewarming party is a family event so you need to make sure that everyone in your extended family and closest friends can join the celebration. Ask them about their free day and inform them about your plan to have a housewarming party. That way, you will be able to arrange a schedule favorable for everyone.

3.Create and distribute invitations

It is fun to come up with invitations so make one for your housewarming party. Include some pictures of the house and a short message to invite your dearest friends and loved ones. You may also use the theme of the party for this invitation to keep everything well coordinated.

4. Cook for your guests

Do you love cooking? It would be a lot special if you will be able to cook for your guests. Let them taste your specialty dishes. If you have no time to cook or you cannot cook then just hire a catering service. But be sure to include meals that are special to you so you can share it to your guests. Potluck is another option that you can go for.

5. Plan some housewarming party games

Make the party more fun by planning some games. It is a good way to entertain the guests. You may also showcase some tour of the entire house and share some background stories about each room or area and how you’ve come up with everything.

6. Prepare some housewarming souvenirs

To complete the party, you should come up with souvenirs to give away to your guests. Think about something special or a symbolism of your happiness for having your new house. 

Owning your very first home is something that definitely needs to celebrate. It does not need to be super grand and expensive celebration – just spending it with the family and with your dearest friends is enough to make it special.

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