Is Your House Too Small? Here’s How To Sell It And Upgrade To A Bigger One!

When we buy our homes, we expect to live in them for many years. The trouble is there will be times where we need to sell up and move some place bigger! Our lifestyle needs will change at various points. The house that was once perfect for us at the time might be a different story today.

Have you decided that you need to move to a bigger house? If so, you might be wondering what to do with the one you’re in now! The obvious answer, of course, is to sell it.

It’s likely that you will need the proceeds from the sale to put towards buying your new home. I’ve been through this same process a few times. If this is your first time, let me share with you some practical tips that I’ve found useful in the past.

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Paint the walls white

Sometimes prospective buyers find it hard to visualize how a property can look if they owned it. That’s especially true if you have a particular taste or style in your home that is different to theirs. Painting the walls white is the least expensive painting job you can do to you house. If you have experienced painting walls before then this becomes a very cost-effective move. If you are in the UK, you can also check out QuoteCheck UK, they listed services and contractors that can help you with the job – from window glazing to other forms of renovations and cost estimates.

To help speed up the selling process, you should paint the walls in your home white. In fact, it was a tip that I got from Gascoigne Pees before I put my home on the market. They said it also gives buyers a blank canvas when it comes to interior design.

It also means that buyers don’t have to spend as much money decorating their new homes. White paint doesn’t cost a lot of money, and painting is something you can do with other family members.

Get your garden tidied up

Does your garden look like a rain forest? Is your lawn about to reclaim your land back to nature? If the answer to either question is yes, it’s time to do something about it!

Sure, tidying up a wild-looking garden is a time-consuming task. But, the results will pay dividends when you achieve a higher selling price for your home!

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If your lawnmower is struggling to cut the grass, consider renting a heavy-duty one for a day or two. And if you’re feeling out of your depth, you could always get some landscapers to help you tidy up your garden.

Fix any broken doors and windows

There’s nothing worse than viewing a house that has broken doors and windows. They are always going to put people off buying a home, especially if they think it’s in a bad area!

Most repairs to doors and windows are simple and ones that you can carry out yourself. That means you’ll save a lot of money by going down the DIY route.

If you need to get new doors or windows, be sure to check for suitable ones online through sites like eBay. That way, you can keep your spending as low as possible.

Replace broken light switches and sockets

Last, but not least, make sure your house is safe for buyers to use as soon as they move into it. If you’ve got some damaged light switches or electrical sockets, have them replaced.

I recommend getting a qualified electrician to do the work. Kansas City Electricians can handle all types of emergency repairs. That way, you know everything got repaired well.

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