Graco Sous Chef 5 in 1 Seating System


Setting up the chair was relatively easy. Most of the time went into unwrapping the different pieces. Many of the pieces were wrapped tight and then zip tied together. I used scissors to cut it open and managed to scratch the paint because things were so tightly bound. If you also choose metal scissors, be careful during the unwrapping process.

After unwrapping, assembly was a breeze. Everything clicked nicely into place as it should. It only took about five minutes to figure out where everything should go.

The product itself is nicely made. Everything seems really sturdy. The plastic pieces are not weak or flexible (besides the toy bar that attaches to the newborn rocker). I was concerned with having a baby in the newborn seat, elevated off the ground, that my toddler could manage to knock the baby over. After pushing the seat around, it seems highly unlikely a toddler, even one as active as mine, could manage such a feat.

The material is nice. The leather on the high chair is a definite perk. It is so easy to clean. Most of the other fabric is very soft. Only the cover on the five point harness was a little rough, but assuming the baby will be clothed it wouldn’t seem like a problem.

I practiced clicking the baby seat and the high chair in and out of the legs. It was simple and easy to switch them out. The legs themselves are fairly wide and take up a relatively large footprint. However, it seems comparable to most other high chair foot prints I have seen.

All in all, I really liked the Graco Sous Chef 5 in 1 Seating System. If you are already needing to purchase a high chair, this one is a great option since it is handy from day one and continues to be useful as your child grows.

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