5 Top Tips to Keep Your Front Lawn in Order

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The first thing that people see when visiting your home is your front lawn, so keeping it in order is vital to make that all-important first impression. Your interiors can look like something straight from the pages of a glossy design magazine but if your front lawn is an overgrown jungle of weeds then you’ll let yourself down.

Put these 5 ideas to good use and you’ll be able to ensure that the front of your home looks at its absolute best.

Mind the mailbox

You need to treat the front lawn as part of your home, not just simply somewhere outside of your own four walls. You can extend your home’s personality to the front lawn with your mailbox. If you have neglected it for years then now is the time to set the tone and turn it into a feature with a spot of mailbox refurbishment. Get creative, use colour and keep in mind that you’ll gain the practical benefit of protecting your letters too.

Wow with the walkway

Cracked paths with let down even the most luscious green lawn, so make sure you tend to yours, getting it fixed and cleaned. As with your mailbox, you could even make a feature of your path by replacing the paving altogether. A fixed or replaced path will also be safer for younger or elderly visitors to your home.

Pick the right plants

There are plants that grow all year round, and there are those that don’t. When choosing plants to go alongside your front lawn, keep in mind how everything will looks as the season changes. Do your research about what flowering plants or shrubs grow best in your area and how to maintain them properly. Another good idea is to use planters that not only hold your plants but can also be great design elements to complement your house. Planters also let you easily change your plants without digging up the lawn.

Feed your soil

The secret to a blooming, lush green lawn is healthy soil, so make sure you keep your lawn well-fed. Water it regularly but not so often that your plants are drowning, and apply fertilizer but don’t overdo it. The right amount will provide the necessary nutrients the grass needs while keeping the soil moist, but too much can be bad. Different soil behaves in a different manner, call on expert help at your local garden centre to get the balance right.

Do regular maintenance

Make sure you tend to the plants, grass, and other things on your front lawn. Keep your shrubs and bushes under control with pruning, and sweep out dried leaves with a broom. If you’re not naturally green fingered then consider mowing your front lawn as part of your exercise regime and work up a seat getting it done. Fix and repaint those fences, and make sure you take a step back and look at your house from afar to check what impression you are making.

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