Great Ways to Have Fun Outside with Your Family This Summer

Summer is nearly here. Soon the kids will be off school for a few weeks and demanding your attention every second. If your kids are home with you this summer then we have some excellent ideas for you to do as a family from the comfort of your own back garden.

Paddling pool – When it’s hot, kids just love to splash about. But you can make those sun-filled days far more educational, no matter what age they are. With a big enough paddling pool, you can teach valuable swimming techniques. Try out snorkeling for the older children. Place some toys on the bottom of the pool and see if they can swim to them and pick them up. Younger children may want to practice their strokes. Even babies can enjoy the water by getting used to gentle splashes.

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Planting food – This is a great time to learn more about food growing. Tomatoes are incredibly easy to grow at this time of year. All you need is a grow bag, or tub full of soil. Now add plenty of water a couple of times a day and lots of hot sunshine. Use a flexible lightweight garden hose by Clear Flow to prevent harmful chemicals reaching your food. Potatoes, beans, and carrots are all good crops to plant.

Ball games – There are many ball games that are ideal for a backyard or garden. You can use them as part of an obstacle course, or even learn to juggle. Footballs, soccer balls, and baseballs are all handy to have when the kids are at home. Practice kicking a ball into a goal, or throwing a basketball into a hoop. You can practice catching, or even bouncing a ball. These are all great skills to work on, and they keep the kids active and healthy too.

Obstacle course – Sometimes it’s not fair competing with each other when the kids are different ages. Instead, you can run timed courses to see if their personal times improve as the week progresses. Choose steps, hops, hula hoops, tunnels, skipping, ball kicking or jumping as part of the course. As they become more familiar with the course, their times will improve. The practice they’ll put in is great for burning off that excess holiday energy.

Backyard camping – It might be fun to put up a tent in the garden and all camp out one night. Choose a starry night and see if you can name any constellations. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to learn more about the solar system too. If you can, try building a campfire and toast some marshmallows. You might even fancy cooking a basic meal on it to help teach the kids some valuable skills.

It’s wonderful to have all the family together for a week or two over the summer. Kids can easily get bored so having a good list of activities that are both activity led, and education can be really helpful. It’s important to make the most of family time when we have it as we are all so busy with other things. Enjoy your summer with the kids this year.

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