Five secrets to eating smarter and cleaner

With summer just around the corner there’s no time like the present to change your diet so that you feel more vibrant than ever before. That doesn’t mean dumping all your favorite snacks and treats, just a little modification and manipulation and maybe a tiny bit of restraint. Here are five  little tips to eating smarter throughout the warm months.

1) Shelving the sugar

It’s impossible to completely escape the sweet stuff, as it occurs naturally in most foods. That said, there’s no need to put more of it onto any type of fruit or cereal. Our bodies are good at storing sugar, and once we start we want more of it – so if we don’t start the likelihood is that we won’t overdo it. There’s also evidence that your alimentary (digestive) system will become more efficient when you remove tough-to-digest carbohydrates.

2) Go Italian

If you’ve only thought of Italian cuisine as stodgy pasta and thick, cheese-dripped pizzas, then think again. Sun-dried tomatoes, fresh fish, olives, peppers and lightly seared meats can be used to create wonderful flavours that allow you to regulate the carb level. If you’re lacking a few ideas Top Inspired can help here: tell us you don’t want to dive in on that lemon chicken fettuccine.

3) Trim the meat

Confirmed carnivores will rebel at the very idea of dropping chicken, beef or fish from their evening meal, but reducing your meat intake can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. It’s also better for the environment. Don’t be deterred by a perceived lack of flavour – here’s 25 recipes for vegetarians from Buzzfeed that are bursting with taste, including black rice sushi and dynamite sauce, and quinoa porridge.

4) Try something new

You’ve heard the saying: ‘The first taste is with the eyes’? So why are so many of us unwilling to try new experiences and new sights, and why do we tend to just glide through the supermarket to the same aisles every time? New sensations stimulate the brain, add to your food knowledge and alleviate boredom at mealtime. BBC Good Food predicted brinner, Lithuanian food and lobster to be among the trends for 2015. Alternatively, try seeking new advice from companies such as Fysiqal Nutrition.

5) Overload on vegetables, fruit – and good meat.

We’ve already mentioned that cutting down on steak and lamb will have real effects, which will be a big turn off to some. We wonder if those people have revisited veg and fruit that they left behind. We’re talking avocado and rutabagas and radishes and celery. We’re also talking papaya and guava and figs and mango. And we’re promoting skinless chicken, ground turkey, shellfish and others. Returning to these old tastes, in snacks or dinner, will reinvigorate your taste buds.

Stick to water or fruit juice,  and you’ll soon feel the difference.

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