Finding the Perfect Family Home

The family home is where your children grow up, and you all spend time together even when they’re grown. Looking for a new home can be even more difficult when you have kids, because everyone has to be happy with the decision. You need room for everyone to have their own lives but spend time together as well. Combining family spaces and private ones can be hard. And it’s made even more difficult when you need the house to be close to schools, jobs and various other places that you all need to get to during the week. If you’re looking for the perfect family home, try these tips to help you find it.


Before you start looking for your home, make a wishlist of what you’re looking for. Although you might need to be flexible, it’s a good starting point. Begin by thinking about the location and transport options. What do you need to have access to on a daily or weekly basis? For example, parents will need to get to work, kids will need to get to school and you might want to be near a convenience store. Do you wish to be within driveable distance of everything you need, or walking distance? What other features and amenities do you need, such as no busy roads or a nearby park?

Family Living

Family homes need space for families to live in. You need to spend time as a family and make use of the rooms in the house. You don’t want to buy a home that you’re scared to get a bit messy or dirty, or where it’s difficult for you to spend time together. Think about how you currently use the space in your house. Where will your current furniture go? Is there space for a home office and where can you set up the kids’ art corner?

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Bedrooms will be one of the first things you’ll think about. How many do you really need for your family? Do you need somewhere with five bedrooms or more like the ones at Or do you want to stick with as few bedrooms as possible to reduce the cost? Some families want their children to have a room each, plus extra space for playrooms, hobbies or guests. But it’s a personal decision that you’ll need to think about. Having a solid idea of the number of bedrooms you want will help you narrow down your choices.

Safety and Security

Of course, you need your new home to be safe and secure. You can have a home inspection carried out to make sure that a home is suitable. However, you can also do a cursory check when you view a house so you can catch things yourself first. Verify that a property is in good condition and take note of any hazards, such as a pool or steep stairs.

It can take a long time to find the perfect home for your family. But once you find it and start settling in, it will feel like it’s always belonged to you.

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