Happy Mothers Day to all our Mom Friends

Happy Mothers Day to YOU the 24/7 MOMS- The SUPER MOMS who are up at the crack of dawn, the ones who work long into the night, heroines that magically create extra hours in your day juggling kids, schedules, chores and even careers. You Navigate jungles of toys and mountains of kiddie stuff, your the ones  the one who prepares tasty-yet-healthy snacks, tame dust bunnies and banish stubborn stains. You have an invisible third arm , you can help with a school project and answer an all-important phone call while wrist deep in dirty diapers. You are part teacher, part doctor, part chauffeur, part boss… You are the Super Moms.

We here at 24/7 MOMS appreciate traveling this journey we call motherhood together with you – Thank you for being our faithful readers and Facebook fans . You are Supermoms who are changing the world one heart beat at a time.

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