Awesome Gift Ideas New Mommies Will Love

If you have a friend or family member who has recently given birth, you might be feeling a little stuck for ideas of the best gift to get her.

You will have already given the new mom a gift at her baby shower, but now the baby is here, you need to find something special to give her to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world.

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While choosing baby shower gifts is simple – all you have to do is pick off a list, choosing a gift to welcome the baby into the world can be tricky. Especially, when you want to make sure that the gift you get is something that the new mom will actually like.

Of course, if you are a mom yourself, choosing a suitable gift is a little bit easier, as you can use your own experience to come up with ideas. However, if you haven’t had your own little bundle yet, there is no need to worry. We have spoken to some new mommies and asked them what their favorite gifts were and have used this to create a simple gift guide below.

Here is our guide to all the best gift ideas for new moms:

Pretty pyjamas

Most new moms spend a majority of their first few weeks of motherhood dressed in pajamas. So a pretty pair of pajamas makes a fabulous gift.

Just make sure that when you are choosing the pajamas, that you pick a pair that are easy to wash and make breastfeeding easy. To find the perfect pair of pj’s, you could have a look online at a specialist mommy site.

Healthy food hamper

As a new mom, time is very limited, which often leads to new moms snacking on unhealthy snacks, like biscuits and crisps. Of course, with pregnancy weight to shift and a new baby to feed, munching on sugary snacks isn’t the best idea.

That’s why buying a healthy food hamper makes the perfect post-pregnancy gift. Fill up a hamper with various healthy snacks that are high in vitamins and nutrients, low in fat and sugar and are ideal for munching on the go. Things like dried fruit, nuts, seeds, granola bars, healthy crackers, etc. are all perfect hamper foods.

Any new mom who values her health will absolutely love this gift.


Most new moms spend around four hours a night up with their baby; that’s a lot of time just to sit. Unfortunately, during those 3am feeds there isn’t that much you can do. While reading is an ideal activity, the risk of waking the baby by turning on a light is too high.

The perfect gift for a new mom, who is up throughout the night with her baby, is a Kindle. It can be filled with hundreds of books, doesn’t need a light to be used and is ideal for a spot of late night reading. Best of all, the Kindle is lightweight and so, can be easily held and used with just one hand.

Spa day

All new mommies are stressed out, so a spa day is the perfect gift. Being a new mom makes everything sore and painful, so having a massage or better still, a full day of pampering to look forward to, is ideal.

Just make sure to choose a date that’s at least four months in the future, as most new moms aren’t happy to leave their babies straight away. If you are unsure which spa your friend would prefer, get her a Spa Finder gift certificate instead of booking a specific resort.


As a new mommy, apart from taking care of your baby, there is very little time for anything else. Many new moms struggle to keep on top of the basics, like cleaning the house, when a newborn baby is taking up their time.

Give your friend the gift of a cleaner who has been pre-paid for, for six weeks. This should give the new mommy time to adjust to having a little one to take care of, without having to worry about keeping on top of the household cleaning.

Homemade food

With a screaming baby to take care of, many new parents live off takeaways for the first few weeks of parenthood. And while this might seem like a good idea at the time, after a large weight gain and lack of funds in her account, most new moms regret living off takeaways.

Give your friend the gift of homemade food. Get together with a few of her friends and cook up four or five large batches of healthy meals – veggie lasagne, chili con carne and beef stew are all excellent options.

Portion up each meal and place each portion into a freezer bag, ready for the new mom to freeze. Aim to make enough food to last the new mom at least a month. Trust us on this, homemade food is one of the best gifts you can give.

Bouquet of flowers

As a new mommy, your friend will most probably spend the next few weeks cooped up at home with her little one. Spending all your time in the house can be incredibly depressing, so why not brighten things up for your friend with a bright, beautiful flower bouquet from Serenata?

It’s amazing how much nicer a house can look with a beautiful bunch of flowers in it. Buying a bouquet may not seem like a big gift, but if it brightens up the new moms day, it is perfect.

Family photo shoot

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Babies grow up so fast, and while DIY photos can be great, there is nothing quite like having a professional photo shoot done. There’s something about the way professional photographers can capture babies which makes their photos so special.

Buy your friend a gift card for a professional family photo shoot and she will love you forever. Especially, once she sees the gorgeous pictures of her new addition.

Being a mom to a screaming newborn isn’t easy, and any gifts that can help to make the transition easier or help to create memories, are ideal.

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