Getting the Garden in Shape

Keeping the garden in top condition might not always seem like a priority for busy mums, but the long summer days are just around the corner and a little prep will provide big rewards. Sprucing up your outdoor areas doesn’t have to take up all your time, especially if you invest in the right tools to get the job done quicker. Then it won’t take long to clear the leaves, wash down the pathways and complete other such gardening tasks.

The little things

If you have trees or hedges in your garden, you’re going to get fallen leaves, and this means piles and piles of dead leaves. These make the garden look frightfully untidy and, worse still, can carry pests and leave bleached areas on that pristine path and lawn. You can easily spend hours raking and collecting, but you can take the strain out of these tasks by investing in one of the many garden vacs or leaf blowers available. This inexpensive tool can guide dead leaves into a pile or into a handy attached collection bag and can also be used on hay, straw, grass and twigs.

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A clean sweep

The good news is that if you’ve purchased a garden vac, it’s not just for sucking up leaves. This tool can also eliminate dirt and debris from areas such as pathways and patios. Consider this garden implement as a vacuum cleaner that works to keep the garden spick and span. Another bonus is that the vac will mulch dead leaves, plants and twigs together, meaning less disposal space is required. You can add the mulch to your fertilizer. Lightweight electric versions are available or you can spend a little more and go for a heavy duty petrol model.

Washing down garden structures

Hosing and washing down greenhouses and sheds is extremely time consuming, not to mention tiring, but not if you do it with a pressure washer. This handy, lightweight appliance power blasts those windows, pathways and shed exteriors. Sure you can use a pressure washer to clean your car, but this is also the ideal tool for washing down patio areas and even home exterior brickwork. This mighty tool is inexpensive, saves time and is compact enough to be stored in the garden shed, ready for use.

You may have that trusty lawnmower and hedge trimmer ready for action, but they’re not the only tools that are required to keep your garden looking its best. Power leaf vacs and pressure washers are essential items for the outdoor areas. They’ll take the tedium out of garden chores and provide great results in less the time.

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