Top Tips yo Help You Make Your Partner’s Birthday Special

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Having children means that you spend 99% of the time thinking about them (and, let’s face it, cleaning up after them). Sometimes, we forget to look after the other important people in our lives. When your partner has a birthday, you ought to make him feel special. He does all he can to help you out with the children, and so he deserves to know what he means to you. It might have been years since you two dated, but that is no reason to let the romance die. If your partner has a birthday coming up, make it memorable and show him that he is still the most important man in your life.

Start first thing in the morning

From the moment your partner gets up, you need him to feel special. Today is his day, and so you need to let him know that you haven’t forgotten about it. Wake up a couple of hours before him and get to work. You and the kids could cook him a delicious breakfast and bring it to him in bed. Take the food up on a tray with a flower to surprise him.

Hire a babysitter for the day

If your partner’s birthday happens to land on a weekend, you should get a babysitter. Sure, it is wonderful having the kids around you, but it can also be hard work. For one day only, you and your partner deserve a day off so that you can relax. If you don’t want to hire a professional, ask your parents if they will look after the little ones for a day. I am sure that they will understand that you and your partner need some space.

Get him a personalized gift

When it comes to buying the perfect present, you have to get something unique for your man. Look through your family albums and print photos on a canvas so that he has some incredible new wall art. If you give your partner something that is original and personal to your family, he will love it. You want to avoid buying things that anyone might get him. For example, aftershave and bath salts are out of the question. Those gifts tend to be what people buy men when they can’t think of anything better.

Surprise him with little gifts

So, you have already given him the main present, what next? Well, it doesn’t have to end there. If you want to keep the fun going all day long, you should get loads of little gifts for your partner. Get him tiny things that you know he will love and surprise him with them at different points throughout the day. When you have dinner, for example, you could surprise him with a pair of cuff-links that he did not expect.

Take a romantic walk together

Picture the scene – you and your partner are taking a moonlit walk across town, laughing and reminiscing. Sometimes, the simplest things in the world can be the most romantic. After dinner, you should suggest that the two of you go for a walk so that you can look at some beautiful scenery. Sometimes, we walk around all day long without ever noticing the things around us. Take a moment with your partner to enjoy the natural beauty of the world around you.

On a day to day basis, it is easy to neglect that special person in your life. When his birthday rolls around, you need to take the time to show him that you still feel the same way about him as you did when you met. Plan his birthday now so that every detail is perfect!

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