How to plan a gluten free kids party

glutenGluten free diet is for people who have a gluten allergy – a specific protein of wheat, rye, oats and barley. Gluten free diet is used for children with celiac disease. The problem is that unlike conventional gluten free diet for weight loss, children’s diet includes even smaller number of products. Kids suffering from celiac disease can’t eat not only wheat, but also most cereals such as barley, rye and oats. There is a danger that a growing kid will not get enough energy because of a low-carbohydrate diet. This problem is simply solved. Use beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans and its derivatives, any fruits, including bananas and mangoes. Your kids can even enjoy sweets: use gluten free flour for cooking cakes, gluten free crisps, cookies and other goodies suitable for a wonderful kids party.
Do not forget about proteins – the majority of animal protein sources do not contain gluten. Treat your child with nuts and seeds. Feel free to give your children fish, meat, eggs. However, semi-finished products and sausage products should be excluded from the children’s table because they may contain wheat flour. When cooking for babies, choose meats that do not cause allergies: lamb, turkey, duck and goose. Do not use meat broth. Do not overfeed your baby with proteins – just one or two servings of meat meals a day, the rest you can always compensate by milk protein – cottage cheese, yogurt. It is important to offer your kid seasonal fruits and vegetables that are high in iron – kohlrabi, broccoli and apples. Try to add parsley and dill to soups, salads and main dishes. This will help enrich the food with vitamins and minerals.
For a nice gluten free kids party you can choose: milk porridge, fresh berries or dried fruits, gluten free crisps, muffins made with cornmeal, vegetable soups, buckwheat pancakes, baked fish with potatoes, vegetable salads, cheese casseroles, beef burgers with pumpkin, beef stew with spinach, yogurt, honey, berry juice. Of course, using gluten free flour is different from wheat flour, but any baking recipe with usual flour can be changed to a gluten free one. As you can see, even with the need to respect the principle of gluten free diet, your food can be delicious. In addition, this food will be useful not only for children – it helps remove toxins from the body. Therefore, gluten free diet can safely be used for the whole family.

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