SkyMath: A New Program To Make iPad Learning Easy!

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More and more families today have iPads or other tablets at home, and kids are having more screen time than ever. No one wants their kids rotting their brains playing hours of mindless video games, though! We all know iPads can be really great learning tools, but unless you have hours to devote to searching for the right apps, it’s so hard to know what’s educational, age appropriate, and fun.

A few great app review sites, like and are good places to start looking for apps. The tricky thing with these, though, is you don’t know which of the good apps are just right for your child’s developmental needs.

A new math program, SkyMath, is making it super simple for busy parents to get kids learning on the iPad. It turns an iPad into a learning hub, and then motivates kids to come back and keep getting better. It finds out exactly where a kid is in math by giving them a placement test. Then, it recommends the very best apps and videos for the skill they’re on, hand-picked by a team of teachers. The in-app dashboard also lets parents keep track of what their kids are learning along the way.


If your kid needs a little extra inspiration to do math at home, SkyMath also has a pretty cool rewards component. Parents can pledge real-world prizes for the progress their kids make. Then, when the kid reaches a new milestone, they get to see the prize they’ve reached right in the app.

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SkyMath also gives kids tons of variety and choice, so they don’t get bored after a day or two.  When kids show they’ve learned a new skill, they move on to the next skill and get a whole new set of app and video recommendations.

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SkyMath also has a beautiful, whimsical feel that kids will love. They travel to a new floating island for every new math skill, and they even get to pick out their personal avatar.

Take a minute to see how parents and kids have reacted to SkyMath. SkyMath isn’t available in the App Store yet, and is running a Kickstarter campaign to gather support.  Check out the campaign HERE to help make SkyMath happen!

If you want more info, email or check them out on twitter @SkyMathApp!

Click here to Follow SkyMath on Twitter.

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