Planning A Children’s Pamper Party

It’s not just grown-ups who love a little bit of pampering. Kid’s pamper parties are now a big thing. While they are obviously not going to be able to enjoy exactly the same kind of luxurious treatments as their parents. A fun and relaxing atmosphere can still be created for any children’s party or event. Here we look at how to plan a pamper party for a group of children or teens and give you the best tips to ensure that the whole event goes without a hitch.




1 – Invites


The first thing you should consider, before you do anything else, is to get some invites designed and printed. It is important to consider planning this well in advance. You want to ensure that as many of your child’s friends as possible can attend the event and giving their parents plenty of notice will boost attendance figures. Having some custom invites made or printing your own at home will also add an air of excitement to the event. This will mean that your children and their friends can start talking about and planning what they want to do. It will also give you a good opportunity to count numbers and find a venue big enough to accommodate everyone. Make your invites fun and create a theme that matches your event. If you are hosting a pamper party then there are plenty of free printable clipart graphics online that you can use without having to give any credit. These will make your child’s invites stand out from the crowd.


2 – Where to host?


Thinking about where to host is the next step. You’ve received your RSVP’s back, and you now know how many children will be attending. You should now decide whether you want to have the pamper party at your home or whether to hire out a small hall. Another fantastic option is to speak with your local salon owner and ask if they can host a pamper party for you. Some salons will stay open late and host an early evening pamper party. It is worth enquiring as you will often find it easier if you have professionals on hand to help!


3 – Pampering treatments


Pampering treatments for children can be quite limiting so it is best to stick with some simple options that most parents will allow. Things such as mini manicures and pedicures with natural and child-friendly nail polish are a great way to kick things off. You can make the kids feel like a princess for the day, and these treatments are quick and easy. You could also try some hair styling options or a wash and blow dry. Avoid anything where hair cutting or permanent change can be made. You don’t want hoards of angry parents banging on your door!


4 – Activities and fun


Places like have some good ideas for toys and fun for your event. You want to ensure that the children attending don’t get bored and having plenty of toys and games on hand is the perfect way to do this.


5 – VIP style goodie bags


Lastly, offer up every child a small goody bag after their day. This is a great gesture to complete what has been a luxurious and grown-up adventure. Parents will also love seeing what their child has come home with!

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