5 Tips for Winning at Snack Time #ad

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With kids it can often be a challenge to feed them the healthy nutrients and vitamins that their active bodies need. Snack time can be a great time to “win” as a Mom in getting our kids vitamin C and important nutrients found in fruits and veggies.

5 Tips for Winning at Snack Time

IMG_443995936 1.) Frozen Veggies & Veggie Popcicles

Frozen vegetables can become a fun, quick after school treat for kids. In our family we love to heat up the small packets of organic edamame in the microwave. For an added twist on your frozen veggies, serving corn or peas to your kids frozen adds an edge of excitement as they eat the veggies “popcicle” style.

Mott's Fruity Centers 3D Package2.) Mott’s® Fruity Centers & Fruity Rolls Fruit Flavored Snacks

Whether packing school lunches in the morning or providing snacks for after-school activities, new Mott’s® Fruity Rolls and Mott’s® Fruity Centers are easy wins for mom. These new snacks fun for kids and made with the colors and flavors from natural sources that moms will also love. NEW Mott’s® Fruity Centers fruit flavored snacks have juicy, fruit flavored cores.  Mott's Fruity Rolls 3D PackageMott’s® Fruity Rolls fruit flavored snacks deliver fruit flavor in a roll shape that’s fun for kids and convenient for moms. Both Mott’s® Fruity Centers & Fruity Rolls fruit flavored snacks are made with natural flavors and colors from natural sources and gives you 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C.

3.) Clementines

Clementines are a life saver in our family. They are a great source or vitamin C, an easy snack for on the go, and they meet our cravings for something sweet.

IMG_4439960234.) Apples & Peanut Butter

We love apples with peanut butter in our house. It’s a great way to get in those needed servings of fruit with a great protein that has a sweet kick. After using an apple slicer, it’s easy to make our own little apple snack packs in a baggie paired with a single serve peanut butter for on the go enjoyment.

5.) Salsa & Corn Chips

We love Mexican food in our family and make a weekly batch of salsa with fresh ingredients. It’s a great source of veggies and a great after school snack paired with organic corn chips.

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