11 Simple and Fun St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Create fun family memories this St. Patrick’s day with one of 24/7 MOMS 11 Fun St. Patrick’s day ideas:

Fun #1 St. Patrick’s Day Story

Take time on St. Patricks day to share the story of Saint Patrick and  Who he was

Click here for free reading resource.

Fun #2 I’m Lucky to have you in my life because____________!

Each year I cut out Green shamrocks from construction paper then write on them – ”I am lucky to have you because….” .

Each family member is given 6 shamrocks so that they can personalize one for each member of our family ( we have 7 in our family). They write two reasons they feel lucky to have that family member in their life. During our on St Patrick’s day dinner we read them aloud. As the mom I love watching each of their faces light up as their sibling or parent reminds them of why we are lucky to have them in our lives.

FUN #3 Create Leprechaun Traps
Allow your kids to get creative and build your own Leprechaun traps. Click here for some fun ideas.
FUN #4 Leprechaun letters
Create a letter written to your children that they wake up to from the Leprechaun or you can print one we found over at Crack of Dawn crafts by clicking here.


FUN #5 – Treasure hunt Several years ago I picked up small unpainted wooden boxes at my local dollar store, in which I then spray painted gold. These inexpensive boxes have become our annual tradition. We have used them in several ways1. As table decorations/ favors- fill each box with small gifts ( candy, gift cards, trinkets etc.) then place them at each child’s seat, to be opened during the St. Patrick’s day meal.

2. Treasure hunt – Hide the boxes and create a fun treasure hunt.

3. The Leprechaun trick – On St. Patrick’s night we fill the boxes with goodies then place them in our sleeping Children’s rooms, when they awake in the morning they find their boxes along with a note from the Leprechaun. The note instructs them to leave the boxes the following night filled with chocolate for the Leprechaun ( ME), or he might play a few tricks on them.

Fun #6 Bake a Batch of Leprechaun Magic Cupcakes.

The night before St. Patrick’s day bake a batch of white un-frosted cupcakes with your children then set them out for the Little Leprechauns. When morning arrives your children can awake to Rainbow cupcakes that the little Leprechauns have created from their white cupcakes. Click here to see our video on how to create this fun for your family. Click here for complete Rainbow Cupcake recipe from Family fun.

Fun #7 Leprechauns LOVE Smelly feet

Fill your Children’s shoes with green and gold items ( green glow sticks, green gum. Green car, headbands, slinky etc. and gold coins). What a surprise they will find in the morning.

Fun #8 You’ve been stamped by the Leprechaun

Stamp a Shamrock on your Child’s Hand while they are asleep or even stick some Shamrock Stickers on them for a fun surprise when they wake up.

Fun #9 Leprechaun Trail

Leave a trail of Green Shamrock Stickers all over the house on Door Knobs, Bathroom Mirror, beds, breakfast dishes, Floor etc. place a treat at the end like it is the pot of gold.

Fun #10 Toilet Goes Green

Add some Green Food Coloring to the Toilet water – What a fun surprise they will find on their first trip to the bathroom in the morning.

Fun #11 Hit By The Leprechaun’s
Surprise your kids in the AM with a crazy Leprechaun trick by turning everything upside down in their rooms and in the house. Put things in odd places, Upside down, turn around pictures maybe even rearrange the furniture a bit. How could they do this to your home?

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