10 Ways to Pray for Your Child at School

imom-10-ways-to-pray-for-your-child-at-schoolEach weekday morning as my youngest child and I climb into the car and head down the bumpy dirt road to his school I take those few minutes to pray over him, to pray for his day, the influence he has on those around him at school, that he will have favor  with his teachers, for wisdom, the ability to learn the language and for safety.  Those  are just a few of the things we pray about.  I believe these few minutes each morning are key in sending him off to a school in a foreign country , a school he does not know the language they are teaching in , a school we struggled in during the first weeks of school whether  we had made the right decision to send him to.

We have seen our prayers answered in many ways, allowing the opportunity for my son to see how God cares about his daily school life, how God is there walking with him on this journey.

Today I came across a great list from imom titled 10 ways to pray for your child at school.  So even though I spend that time praying with him as a mom I need to continue praying for him through out the day.  This list makes it easy to remember key areas to pray for our children while they are at school each day.

Click here for complete list of 10 Ways to Pray for Your Child at School from iMom.




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