Family Memories Created with a Winter Countdown #MuddyBuddies

Stylized Muddy Buddies_Compressed

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies-Cookie and CreamI have a confession to make “ I am a TRADITION JUNKIE!”

I realized it many years ago when my youngest daughter Savannah, who was then 10 years old, approached me one November morning by Saying “Mom we need to plan our day to go shopping for our Christmas dresses; she ended with “MOM, it’s a tradition”. I had to stop and think for a minute “a tradition….HMMM”. I can only recall actually taking her dress shopping just the previous year, since in years past I arrived home and presented my girls with the dresses I had picked out for them. What I realized was Savannah had such a fun time picking out her dress and shopping that she wanted to do it again and she figured that if she threw in the word TRADITION, knowing I love traditions , then I would be sure to repeat the event again and again and again. It worked – annual dress shopping became a tradition.

I often hear my kids say to me BUT mom it’s a tradition whether it be to stay up late and watch a movie with DAD on Friday NIGHT or to choose what they ate for their birthday meal. They have learned in our family that traditions are important to each of us. They have given them a sense of security and a sense of identity; they feel loved and encouraged by them.
During Christmas one of our main traditions that we do through out the month is called the “25 Days of Christmas”. We count down the days by doing daily holiday activities.

I know your already saying but Christmas has come and gone why are you still talking about counting down the days till Christmas day. My answer is this.  Being a mom of 5 and knowing how much time, craziness and energy we put into the days leading up to Christmas often our best efforts of asking family memories before the big day don’t always happen.  So, I want to first tell every mom “LET IT GO”.  Let go of the guilt you may be feeling from not planning a zillion fun things to do , not checking off your family fun to do list, failing out your version of counting down to Christmas.  “LET IT GO”.  Second let’s start a new tradition of creating family holiday  moments and memories after Christmas has come and gone called Winter Countdown.

Two ideas for a Winter Countdown are:

 School vacation countdown...create a countdown for the number of days left until your kids head back to the classroom. Each day do a fun and simple activity with your kids making memories together.


Christmas Continues countdown..Make a list of all the things you had wanted to do the days leading up to Christmas but were over taken by the planning and preparing for Christmas.  Now is your chance to still do them.

Which ever you choose make it simple with these 5 easy steps

1. First:   begin by going through your  list of ideas you never accomplished before Christmas

2. Second:  choose the number of ideas you want to accomplish .    Such as host a family movie night serving Chex Mix Muddy Chex Mix Muddy Buddies-snickerdoodleBuddies which are  a great solution to spending less time in the kitchen and more time celebrating the holidays with family and friends. Available in a variety of deliciously sweet, salty and crunchy flavors, Chex Mix Muddy Buddies deliver the taste everyone knows and loves—right from the bag. So whether you’re looking for an easy treat for your family during a holiday movie night , or are just looking for something to simply indulge on yourself, try these stress-free snacks. they come in  a variety of flavors: Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Brownie Supreme, Limited Edition Snickerdoodle and Limited Edition Peppermint Bark

3. Third:  look at your  calendar and see which days you  can do each of your chosen activities and  write them on your  calendar.

4. Fourth:  go to your computer and type up little notes to go with each activity such a “ Artists are you ready? It’s time to make a masterpiece in our bonus room” This is for the day I allow my kids to paint the windows with a winter  scene. Another example is pop pop pop awaits us as we still very still waiting for it to begin did you guess this one? Time for family movie night.

5. Fifth: now you can do a variety of things with these notes :* place each note in a separate numbered envelope. Each day your children can open an envelope and read what that days activity is. I do not recommend you seal the envelope until you hand it to your kids because if life goes crazy and you were planning to go ice skating but Suzy got sick, you can quickly change it around. Which is also why it is important to keep a list of which days you are doing what.* Place each note in little numbered boxes or Chinese take out boxes .*Number lunch sacks and place a note in each one.

Keep it simple choose carefully what activities you will do so that you do not become overwhelmed. Make the after the holidays  a time to make memories with your kids and make it special.

Remember the goal here is to to create family memories not live each day in complete stress and on overload. Make it Simple. Make it Fun with one or more of our below ideas!


Go shopping and allow each child to pick out a new ornament during the clearance sales

Host a family game night and invite another family

Serve Sparkling cider with dinner

Bake cookies together.

Paint winter scenes on your windows

Coloring night…each year color in the same book and date it

Make Thank you cards

Movie night….popcorn and yummy treats

PJ Night…everyone gets a new pair

Go for a ride and look at all the decorated houses before they take the lights down

Make homemade fudge

Host a winter craft club for your children and their friends

Help a family in need …choose ways to teach your children to give.

Make or purchase Thank you gifts for community service workers then take your children around town to drop them off.

Snowman night—decorate table with snowmen be creative

Ice Cream night ..make sundaes or go out

Bake a pie

Make a sugar cube castle

Play bingo with dollar store prizes…invite your neighbors over

Chex Mix Winter Tress


Ice Cream Sugar Cones
Frosting (white for the light colored Chex Mix, and Chocolate or the Chocolate Chex Mix)
Dark Chocolate Chex Mix
Any Muddy Buddies variety of your choosing
Note: Any Chex Mix flavor variety can be used, though the result may be slightly varied. The circular pieces used as tree toppers were from Sweet and Salty Carmel Crunch Chex Mix.
Turn the sugar cone upside down (check if it will stand up on its own, you may have to break off a little to help it to stand up evenly) and place on a small glass.
Frost the cone, completely covering it on the outside. Don’t use too much frosting, or the Chex Mix pieces will move around. Starting at the bottom, gently press the Chex Mix pieces onto the cone, overlapping slightly as you go.Separate out a few candy pieces and fun shapes to decorate the tree. Use a little bit of frosting to stick the pieces to the tree.

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