12 Things You Should Do with Your Kids Every Year

prodadHave you ever stopped and really took notice of what your kids are passionate about?   Took time to think of ways to engage that passion?

Today while skimming thru my zillions of emails I came across one titled  “12 Things You Should Do with Your Kids Every Year” –  the email was sent to my inbox from Family Minute -Pro Dad and when I clicked opened the email I was encouraged as a parent of the importance of really engaging our kids passion  here is what  I discovered in my email box:

What is your child passionate about?

Maybe your son is passionate about art.  Maybe your daughter is passionate about animals.  No matter what it may be, every child is uniquely wired to be passionate about something.  And, as parents, it’s up to us to help spark our child’s curiosity.  To do so, there are certain things you should do with your children every year.  First, take them to a science museum where they can experiment and learn.  Second, take them on an outdoor adventure where they can explore nature.  Finally, take them to a school or university where they can be inspired by the power of education.  Be sure to always look for new ways to encourage your kids’ passions.  Click here to Discover all 12 things to do with your kids every year.


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