MOM Tip: Save Your Fruits & Veggies

Save-your-Fruits-and-Veggies-with-the-Paper-Towel-TrickMOM Tip: Do you throw away a lot of fruit and veggies because they don’t last long in your fridge? Moisture is the biggest culprit. Don’t wash fruits prior to putting in the fridge. Wash only when ready to eat. For veggies you can wash first, but then follow these steps to make them last longer.

1. Thoroughly wash the veggies and shake them off the best you can in the sink.

2. Place the washed veggies in a gallon ziplock bag.

3. Put a couple of clean, dry paper towels in the bag with the veggies.

Keep an eye on the paper towel. When it gets wet just replace with a dry one.

Click here for this tip from The Mamas Girls.

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