Handing the wheel over in my life

Last week while driving my Mom mobile I was listening to my local radio station when the radio host began telling a story about finding his bible in the back seat of his car and how it hit him that often in his life he had been putting Jesus in the back seat of his life. Not allowing him (Jesus) to be the driver of his life, guiding him just as our GPS units do these days and that he was constantly trying to take the wheel and drive his own life only to find himself crashing into the wall of sin or driving down the wrong road.

How often do we put Jesus in the back seat when it comes to our priorities, daily decision making and parenting our children.  How often are we trying to take hold of the wheel and drive our lives down the roads we think are best without seeking Jesus as the GPS of our lives?

Maybe today you are feeling as if your life (car) is spinning out of control, or you have made a few wrong turns and your trying to find your way back,  your trying to figure out how to enter the right destination into that GPS only to feel helpless or more like out of Gas and your brakes no longer work.

Just as Carrie Underwood sings in her song “Jesus, Take the wheel” I want to encourage you to hand your life steering wheel over to Jesus – moving him from the back seat to the driver seat and let him drive your life.  No, it wont always be easy but he is there to carry us through.

When you think things cannot get any worse, God carries you farther into the valley and comes out holding your hand – Lisa Ramsland, author

Make it a goal this week to move Jesus from the back seat of your life to the driver seat – here are a few ideas to inspire you:

– Get up 10 minutes earlier each day and spend it with Jesus
– Take your family to church
– Buy a new devotional, bible study or book that challenges you to grow in your faith
– Join a women’s bible study.
– Begin a journal writing about your faith journey
– Write out a weekly verse and place it on your mirror, in your kitchen or some place that you will see it each day.

What ideas do you have to inspire you or other moms to put Jesus in the driver seat?

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