Pink51 Co-Founders Share Parenting Tips & Reminders

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pinkParenting Tips from Two Busy Moms

We are sharing a few parenting tips that have worked for us separately and similarly with the intention of opening up about our parenting values knowing it has been helpful over the years to glean tips, ideas and stories from others.  We are firm believers in each family (and parent) having their own style and values, and that there are many ways to be a great parent.  And know that being a perfect parent is impossible but that many of us strive to learn more along the journey.

After getting to know each other through the early parenting years, and both being working Moms, we have grown even closer as business partners and enjoy that we not only work intensely on Pink51 together but are also able to open up personally, including about parenting, with each other and the rest of our team.  This has been one of the best outcomes of Pink51–working with such an incredible team of unique women who bring diverse perspectives to the company and each other’s lives.  Just as we have welcomed an open dialogue with each other and our founding team members, we look forward to hearing from and getting to know more Moms who care about the Pink51 mission to support women owned and led businesses, and to stand up and be counted together to share this message with the companies we shop from.  Please join the Pink51 community in order to share your voice!

1.      Be present.  Kids notice everything.  As working Moms (and wives), we try to put our technology away and prioritize our time with our children and families whenever possible.  Kids want you to be sitting on the floor with them and actively participating in their play, not just sitting near them on a couch.

2.       Be happy and fulfilled.  Every family and every Mom is different.  If you are living a life full of enjoyment and purpose, chances are, you will be a better parent and partner.  If you are happy then you will be a better Mom.  We do this through our passion for our work and philanthropy, and connecting with friends socially on a regular basis, which energizes and sustains us.

3.       Be grateful.  And then remind yourself everyday to appreciate your family.  If your children see you role modeling your values and appreciating the truly important elements of being a human being, you will give them the gift of gratitude. In our families this means saying thank you to each other and people in our lives, and specific questions we ask each other around the dinner table.

4.       Be imperfect.  No one is perfect so don’t expect yourself, your children, or your partner to be perfect.  Learn from your mistakes and failures and teach your children to do the same.  Laughter always helps too.

5.       Be yourself.  Don’t get too caught up in comparing yourself to other Moms and families.  We all have different lives and challenges. Some of us work outside of the home, some are their family’s CEO, and some are both.  Some of us can volunteer more at school or with our favorite charities, others are spending extra time assuring a special needs child is getting the support s/he needs.  We have learned that shared tips and ideas on how to do what you do best can go a long way, judging someone does not.

6.  Be aware of differences.  Listen to as much advice as you can get but remember that every child is unique.  Advice is great, but if it doesn’t fit you or your family then ignore it.  We think of advice as data points that we can try and/or discard.  Just because someone wrote a book, it doesn’t mean they know your child.

7.  Be an active listener. Don’t ignore your children.  We all have hopes and dreams for our kids, but we need to focus on finding out what their passions are and building those.  Just because you want your child to be a professional golfer doesn’t mean they should be one or that they want to be one.

8.  Be firm and set limits.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Studies have shown that the first five years are critical for human development and setting the tone.  If you don’t provide clear guidelines and build trust with your child in the first few years, you risk years of struggle.  We set limits through clear verbal communication with our children and then reinforcing them through words and actions.

9.  Be a teacher and teach your kids to fish.  We think confidence is one of the most important traits you can teach a child.  We focus our parenting energy on teaching our kids to think for themselves and make choices. Our biggest hope for our children is to have purpose or a mission in life.  We strive to raise passionate kids who want to change the world.  We don’t focus on memorization skills and tables, but we do spend a lot of time thinking about patterns, connections and the world.

10.  Be free.  Ditch the Mom guilt.  Everyone says this and frankly we are not always good at practicing this, but keep working on it. Parenting is hard enough, so don’t waste any extra energy beating yourself up.

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