24 Simple Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthdays are an opportunity for us to celebrate our children and show them that they are special and valued.

Try one of these 24 SIMPLE ideas to celebrate your child’s special day.

1. Write on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or window paints Happy Birthday to your child. If you have a Teenager who drives, write on their car.

2. Birthday Fairy – When your child is sleeping place a small gift in their bedroom that the wake up to from the Birthday Fairy. ( my 9 year old invented this celebration idea and still tells me the birthday fairy brought him the gift in his bedroom)

3. Surprise your child with a new Birthday Outfit to wear, school age children love this as they can wear it to school.

4. Present your Child with a badge that says “It’s my Birthday” or a hat/ crown..or create a T-shirt.

5. Serve Breakfast in bed with candle and all . Wake them up to the family singing happy Birthday.

6. Serve a Family Morning Breakfast: Child wakes up to decorated table with a theme (use leftovers from past parties) be sure to have a small gift at their seat. Serve Pancakes with sprinkles or chocolate chips for breakfast.

7. Each year give the Birthday child a special place setting at their birthday meal. ( plate , cup). Or use a Special Birthday plate that every family member gets to use on their Birthday.

8. School Fun – Decorate your child’s classroom door with a poster of your child and pictures of them and/ or Deliver Lunch to them at school.

9. Allow your Child to choose their Favorite Meal or place to go out to eat for dinner. Then around the dinner table, have each family member tell the birthday person something the appreciate about them.

10. Decorate the Dinner Table, use a special table cloth, dishes, decorations etc.

11. Bake a cake, then have Dad and birthday child decorate it together the night before the birthday.

12. Have Dad send flowers, candy, cards to school for them.

13. Write a letter or card each year to your child.

14. TEXT, Facebook, or leave message on phone recorder wishing them a happy birthday.

15. Ship a Birthday in a box – if your child is away form home on their birthday.

16. Give them simple gifts all day long : Next to their bed when they wake-up
At their Breakfast table
In their lunch
On their school desk
At the dinner table

17. Create a treasure hunt to find their gift.

18. Give gifts that go with number of years old…5 years old equals 5 pieces of gum or give them the number of gifts they are old so 5 years old 5 gifts.

19. Hang a special birthday flag outside your house.

20. Add to a charm bracelet or commemorative coin collection each year.

21. Mark your child’s height each birthday on a growth stick.

22. Have professional portraits taken each year.

23. Have Birthday guests sign something—bed sheets, pillow cases, piggy banks, frames at the Birthday party.

24. December Birthdays, celebrate with family on the December date then with friends in January – every child likes their birthday to last for a month.


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