How To Keep Your Kitchen Pantry Organized

By Dena Pasis, Guide to personal organizing

Empty Everything Out of Your Pantry:

* Assess Each Item:
Many items are bought out of impulse, and often we aren’t even aware of how much we acummalate. Therefore, ask yourself honestly: When is the last time I used this product? If you cannot remember, or know that you haven’t or won’t use it, you need to get rid of it. Put your unused items to good use and donate them to a local shelter or food bank.

*Keep like Items Together:
Of the items you have chosen to keep, categorize like items together in the same pile. For example:
o Canned vegetables and beans
o Pasta and rice
o Candy and cookies
o Chips and crackers
o Soups
o Sauces and condiments

By keeping like items together, it will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

*Assess Your Pantry Storage Area:
Determine how the space works for you by asking yourself the following questions:

o Is it difficult to see all the items in your pantry?
o Is it hard to reach items in your pantry?
o Are you lacking space to hold all the items in your pantry?

By determining your available storage space, it will help you to figure out if you can make the space work for you as is, or if you need to invest in affordable storage options.

* Storage Solutions: These are great examples of storage products that will help maximize your space and maintain the organization of your kitchen pantry.

o 3-tier Cabinet Organizer: This will make it easier to locate your items.
o Pantry Door Organizer: This will help to maximize the space of your pantry by utilizing an often unused space.
o Soup/Can Rack: A great way to keep your cans in order.
o Plastic Bag Organizer: If you store plastic bags in your kitchen, this will help to keep them all in one place.
o Kitchen Wrap Organizer: This is a smart way to keep your different wraps organized.

*The key to keeping your pantry organized is: Consistently go through your pantry and discard unused items by donating them to local shelters or food banks. Keep like items together so that they are easier to locate, retrieve and put back. You may also want to consider putting some of your products in plastic containers, which is sometimes less bulky than product packaging and helps to take up less space.


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