Eat and Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Without Worry #CharcoCapsNoMoreGas

All of us have those favorite foods we love to grill and eat during this warm weather season, but often end up paying the price later with uncomfortable and/or embarrassing gas and bloating. Those “culprit” foods, even those high in fiber or healthy in nature, can make you think twice about imbibing the next time around, but CharcoCaps® helps you have the confidence to eat your BBQ food favorites and stop gas discomfort and embarrassment. CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula is a unique, safe, naturally gentle dietary supplement that adsorbs and eliminates intestinal gas and bloating through the use of an active ingredient called activated charcoal. It allows you to eat your favorite foods without worry of gas and bloating. Just take two CharcoCaps® capsules during or after eating high-gas producing foods, or at the first sign of discomfort (repeat dose after two hours, if necessary).

A full recommended dose (two capsules) of CharcoCaps® contains 520mg of activated charcoal. A teaspoon of activated charcoal has the surface area of a football field due to its porous, adsorption properties. Activated charcoal (when hearing the word charcoal, many think of the charcoal briquette used in outdoor barbecues which is not related) is a natural, safe ingredient widely used in hospitals today as an emergency antidote for accidental poisoning (such as overdoses). This is because activated charcoal’s unique properties can help prevent adsorption of poisons by the stomach and small intestines. (Note: CharcoCaps® is not a treatment for accidental poisoning.)

CharcoCaps® is gluten, dairy, and sugar-free and is available in a 36-count blister-pack and a 100-count bottle and can be found in the antacid/anti-gas section of Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and other major U.S. retailers for a suggested retail price of $9.49 (U.S.) for the 36-count blister pack. For more information on where to buy CharcoCaps® visit

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Entry is done via an official entry form, which includes a mandatory question which entrants must answer correctly to be eligible to win. CharcoCaps® is giving away a new outdoor grill, grilling accessories, and a 36-count carton of CharcoCaps® to two (2) randomly selected entrant who answers the mandatory question correctly. Winners will be announced on the CharcoCaps® Facebook page ( and via private e-mail around 12:30p.m. E.S.T on Thursday, August 7th and 21st, 2014. Total prize package value is $360.00

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What would you grill if you didn’t have to worry about embarrassing gas?

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a 36-count carton of CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula dietary supplement. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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