DIY Birthday Plate

  Make your Own Family Birthday Plate!

By Leslie Pleasants

Everyone has a birthday in your family so why not make it just a little bit more special with a tradition. Make a Birthday Plate that you bring out any time someone has a birthday. Whoever’s birthday it is that person gets to eat off of that plate. If you want to make a plate for each person in the family you can do that too and personalize it with their name.

Ceramic Plate
Porcelaine brand ceramic paint
(pens or brush on)
*if you use a brand other then Porcelaine make sure its
non-toxic and dishwasher safe
Make sure you wash the plate and take off any stickers. Completely dry. Now you can use stencils or freehand you design. You might be a scrapbooker and already have a cupcake stencil or have a cricut and make a stencil or purchase one from the store. This doesn’t have to be perfect so you can make it your own.
Some ideas:
“Happy Birthday!”
“It’s Your Day!”
Remember you have the middle of the plate to decorate but you can also decorate the edge of the plate too! 

Follow the directions on the paint. You might need a second coat. Let the first coat dry first before applying the second coat though. Until the plate is baked you can fix any mistakes you made by washing them off. Or you can use a Q-tip.

In order for these plates to be used with food, the plates MUST be baked following the manufactures directions on the label. These plates will last for years and years. Even through the dishwasher!!

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