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Boy playing SoccerGetting outside and playing isn’t only important for our kids’ health but for our own. Kids aren’t the only ones built for play. Finding fun activities that are life-giving for the whole family are important for our physical health as well as our emotional health. In my family we love playing soccer together. We’ve found a fun weekly pick-up game that is competitive enough to be fun for my husband and I but laid back enough to give kids a chance to join in the fun.

First aid products are helpful partners in play. By preparing ahead of time and having essential first aid items on hand, we can quickly take care of any minor injuries we may face and get back to doing what we love.

Neo to GoWhen joining in friendly family soccer games, its a great idea to create a custom first aid kit with NEOSPORIN® + Pain Relief NEO TO GO!® and BAND-AID® SPORT STRIP® Bandages for small cuts and scrapes on the field. For bigger collisions with inflammation, I suggest having an icepack on hand as well as sports tape for ankle injuries. Being prepared with these first aid items and treating minor cuts, scrapes or burns the moment you or your family get hurt, helps you quickly get back to doing what you love.

Proper wound care regimen for minor cuts and scrapes:

Sports StripsClean:
Wash affected area with soap and water to help remove dirt and germs

Apply a NEOSPORIN® product to provide infection protection

Cover the affected area with a BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandage and keep it covered until the wound is completely healed
For more inspiration on how to incorporate play into your life as well as tips for building your own first aid kit and valuable coupons visit the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® website : http://www.healthyessentials.com/tips-and-tools/build-your-own-first-aid-kit

I’ve partnered with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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