babyfonics genius™ App ~ Teaches Your Child to Read Earlier & Easier

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Remember those ABCs they drilled into us when we were kids? Well, turns out that method actually makes learning to read much harder. Here’s a better way:  babyfonics genius™ – the revolutionary app that teaches your child to read earlier and easier than ever before.

The unique babyfonics genius™ system focuses exclusively on teaching your child to identify alphabet letters by their SOUNDS, not their letter names.

What kind of difference does that make? All the difference in the world!baby phonics

Pioneered by a teacher and mom who’s used the method with great success, babyfonics genius™ can be started as soon as your baby can identify a dog, a ball, or a cat. It fits around even the busiest parent schedules – and best of all, it’s FUN!  Help your child be the one ahead of the game and ready for reading success. Give them the babyfonics genius™ advantage. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Consider the story of Joey and Courtney: Joey knew all his ABCs. Courtney didn’t – but she knew her LETTERSOUNDS because her (smart) parents used the babyfonics genius™ app. Both kids start kindergarten. When the teacher asks Joey to read the word “ant,” he recites the letters “A…N…T.”  Next, the teacher asks Courtney to read the same word, and she says “aaaaa… nnnnn… ttttt,  ant!” with a confident smile.

Which kid will yours be?

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