37 Prayers to Pray for Children Using Scripture Verses

prayPraying for our children has  been a huge part of our parenting  journey going back to when we first found out we were going to be parents.

We would pray  all the typical prayers – Protection, heath, wisdom, that they would know Jesus as their personal savior, they would do well in school, have their hearts mended after a playground disagreement , pass an upcoming test and so on.  Until I discovered the idea of actually praying the scriptures over our children.  Where we use the Bible itself — God’s actual words — as the foundation for our prayers.

For eaxample:

Praying Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you”  praying it over my kids  to pray they will treat each other with compassion.

“I pray that Caleb and Nate,  would be kind and compassionate toward each other, forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave them.”

Ready to begin praying scripture over your children?  Here is a free download to get you started.praying-scriptures-for-children-178x251

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A  sampler from Jodie Berndt “Praying the Scriptures for your Children”  in this free download book you’ll find 37 Bible verses written in the form of prayers that you can personalize for your family. You can use just one of these prayer verses, or pray your way through all of them. This is a useful reference manual of sorts for those times when your kids come to a tough spot and you need some fresh ideas for prayer

Click here to download and/or print our your free  copy of 37 Prayers to Pray for Children with Scriptures from Faith Gateway

Want to read more on this topic of praying scriptures over your children: you can purchase Jodie Berndts book Praying the Scriptures for your Children” from Amazon below.”

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