Family Game Night the New Tradition & WIN GIft Card #TurnOnGameNight

gameToys “R”Us, Hasbro and Duracell are teaming up to celebrate Family Game Night. Whether it’s a rainy day, cool evening or a night that the whole family is together, pulling out a board game is a great way to enjoy some quality family time together.

In this world of video, computer and phone apps, summer is a great time to unplug.  While Family Game night is all about having “fun,” it also promotes essential skills, helps kids build self-confidence and creates lasting memories. It has been a busy ear for our family adjusting to living in a foreign country along with dads busy travel schedule it is easy to let family time escape.  Now it’s time for our family to get back to spending more quality time together with a family game night.

To kick it off we were sent the Hasbro game “Operation” and  the Hasbro  game “Simon”  both classic  games you may have even played as children

Are you ready  to plan your own Family Game night?  Below are ten helpful hints to prepare for  a family game night  that the whole family will look forward to week after week. Call the family together and gather around a Hasbro game for a great night in any day of the week!

1. Schedule it!: What night works for your family …decide and mark in on the calendar. It doesn’t matter which night of the week you choose – any night will do! As long as the date is marked on a calendar that everyone can see and parents make it a priority to keep the appointment, the night will be one to remember! Use stickers or a colored marker to help make the family game night dates stand out on the calendar.

2. Involve everyone in the planning: Involve the whole family in the planning process by allowing the kids to pick the games or choose the snacks. For variety, rotate responsibilities during each family game night.

3. Game suggestions: Be sure to pick games that are age-appropriate for all family members so that everyone can participate. For an active family, BOP-IT! or the classic game of TWISTER are great options. For a laugh-out-loud time, families might want to try GUESSTURES or TABOO. For families that thrive on competition, try CONNECT 4×4 or MONOPOLY .

4. Fun food “pairings”: A special family game night menu will make everyone look forward to the festivities. Serve fun finger foods that are easy to eat during game play, such as hamburger sliders or chicken fingers. A make-your-own sundae bar is a sweet treat for dessert before or during game night. Or, use a family recipe to make your family game night unique.

5. Create a tradition: Whether it’s the way that teams are selected, a 30-minute bedtime extension, or having everyone play in their p.j.’s, establishing an activity on family game night that becomes a family tradition will create even more excitement around game play for everyone in the family.

6.Keep a family scoreboard: From week to week, recognize the family member who won the last family game night by posting their name on a special scoreboard that receives a place of honor on the refrigerator. Or, create a family crown that can be worn by the winner at dinner or during the next family game night.

7. Remind everyone: To keep the date with the family, set up reminders on a handheld device or on the family computer to make sure that game night happens. For the tech-savvy, reminders can also be sent through or on social networking sites such as Facebook. For the kids, put a note in their lunchbox reminding them about family game night.

8. Mix it up with “special guests”: To expand the fun, invite other families in your neighborhood to participate in a family game night tournament. If you have extended family members living in the area or if you are traveling during a scheduled family game night, invite everyone to participate!

9.Capture the memories:By having regularly scheduled family game nights, families are guaranteed to create new and lasting memories. Snap a photo of special moments at each family game night and place the printed photos around the house or email to relatives to share that come-from-behind win or incredibly tall Jenga tower!

10. Brainstorm for next week’s family game night: As each family game night winds down and clean up begins, start brainstorming for next week’s event.What games might be selected? What will be the special food served? By planning in advance for the next event, you can get a jumpstart on the preparations and raise the anticipation level for the next family game night.



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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with P & G  in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I would use it during the sales to stock up for Christmas for Santa’s Helpers and organization that adopts families for the Holidays.

        1. No idea, Barbara. I’ve posted twice on the 24/7 Moms Facebook page letting them know that the form doesn’t work.

  2. i would use it towards some amazing Christmas gifts, have to start early this year, things are a little rough latley

    1. Rafflecopter is not loading my comment/entry. I clicked on to report glitch, hopefully it will fix it?

  3. I would use the gift card to purchase new games for our family game night.


  4. My entries won’t go through either. Left a comment at 7:36 am and just now tried again..still no luck. 🙁

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  5. I’ve been trying everyday to enter. I sent 24/7 Moms a PM on Twitter and posted on their Facebook wall but there was no response. I also posted on the Rafflecopter Facebook wall for help.

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