I never wanted a mini van until……#SiennaDiaries #paid

stickerstickerThat’s right I never wanted, begged for or even dreamed of owning a mini van until  Sienna arrived into my mom world the Toyota Sienna Van that is. Now my husband is wanting his pre -Sienna wife back  and dreaming she will  stop  begging for her very own  Toyota Sienna Van.

Why do I have a bad case of the wants for the Toyota Sienna Van? It’s clearly simple once you test drive one you will catch this bad case of the Toyota Sienna Van wants as well.

After riding in mini van style for 3 months I am convinced there is no other vehicle for me.  The features are endless, I was still discovering more amazing features every time I took it our for another ride., this van was designed for a mom.

My top 5 reasons I need, Want, Beg and dream of owning a Toyota Sienna Van.

1. Happy Kids = Happy Mom: We all know when it comes to long car rides the kids emotion level can make a break the trip for us moms.  So, when my kids hop into the Toyota Sienna Van ready to ride in style this moms knows Happy kids will equal a happy mom with the wide screen TV for movie watching, the reclining captain chairs for relaxing and napping.  Window Shades to block the sun from shinning in their sweet faces and reachable cup holders for everyone.

button2.  Buttons, Buttons ,Buttons :  When a moms arms are full the last thing she wants to do is put down everything to shut a door. The Designers thought of this with buttons, buttons, and more buttons for easy door opening and closing.  Not only can we moms open and close the rear door and dual sliding doors from our key fob , we can also close it with easy to access one touch buttons at each door and from the drivers seat.  Yes, I loved opening and closing the doors for my children as they piled in and out of the van.

3. Adult Approved: Not only did my children enjoy riding in style but our adult friends enjoyed our outings as well with plenty of adult leg room.  Every adult that climbed in to  the Toyota Sienna Van was more then impressed with how comfortable it was no matter what seat they were riding in. Definitely given the adult stamp of approval.

4. Fuel Efficient: Even the Dad was a happy van rider when he realized the fuel efficiency in  comparison to our existing SUV. The 2014 Toyota Sienna  has a  powerful 266-hp 3.5-liter V-6 engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission,  it is rated to get 18 mpg city/25 mpg hwy and 21 mpg in combined city and highway driving. If you choose to add the optional all-wheel-drive system in  the Sienna it is rated to get 19 mpg combined. stroller

5. Cargo Space: For hauling more than the family.  Living across an international border often means state side trips of loading our vehicles with more then a few bags of groceries. We  haul packages that need to get to our mission campus, luggage for those traveling to and from Mexico, boxes and even a few pieces of furniture to place in our new home.  The Sienna Toyota van wins again with the ease of pushing a button to fold the seats down creating 39.1 cu.ft. interior cargo space in seconds.  Yes, I even hauled outdoor patio furniture home in it.

Those are just my top 5 reasons I need, Want, Beg and dream of owning a Toyota Sienna Van. There are plenty more reasons why,  but I think I’ve given you a glimpse of why I have now become a van wanting crazed mom when it comes to the Toyota Sienna Van.

Disclaimer: we were provided with driving a 2014 Toyota Sienna van for review.   All opinions are my own





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