My Freezer Makes Mornings a Breeze #HaierAmbassador

freezerI’m Still just as excited about my new freezer as the day it arrived.  I have joined in with Haier and their Haier Ambassadors Program to share with you the 24/7 MOMS on how a Freezer can make this years Back to School  season a breeze when it comes to breakfast.

First let me tell you a little more about  my new spacious  Haier freezer perfect for families with its Lock and key that keeps food contents safe from tampering and improves safety around children. The roominess of my new freezer allows me to buy in bulk, freeze future meals, keep plenty of basic items on hand like butter, frozen vegetables and of course ice cream.  I’m also head over heels  with the interior light  which  means it has a convenient freezer light that makes it easier to organize and retrieve your freezer’s contents.  Can you tell I’ve fallen in love with my new freezer.

Haier is one of the largest manufacturers of many home appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, wine coolers, and TVs. We focus on creating smart green technology for, not only a bepancaketter life, but a better world as well.


So, how can a freezer  make your Back to School mornings a breeze ?  Simple.  Fill your freezer with ready to cook breakfast meals.  Such as Pancakes, Freezer Egg Muffin Sandwiches, French Toast sticks, Breakfast Burritos, Muffins.  Then once your freezer is filled with breakfast foods your kids can choose their favorites each morning and you can quickly prepare them to simplify your mornings to be a breeze when it comes to breakfast preparation.

Click here for recipes to begin filling your freezer with breakfast meals.






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