Blackberry Jam in the Crock Pot

berryI can still remember the hours of picking black berries with my grandmother – the smell of the berries, the poking of the thorns when I would reach to far into the bush and the sweetest taste of them in our bowls of ice cream for dessert night after night.

All these years later I still love the taste of Blackberries  whether on top of my ice cream, in a fruit salad or a jar of jam to use on my toast.  As we enter into Blackberry picking season you may be thinking what new recipes could I try with these sweet berries?  Repeat Crafter Me has a simple crock pot recipe  for making jam.  It only takes 3 ingredients to create and they make a perfect neighbor gift, teacher back to school gift or put away for the holidays for gift giving.

Reapeat Crafter Me also has a FREE printable to use for gift giving.

Click here for full recipe and free printable gift tags from Repeat Crafter Me



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