My Top 8 Back to School Tips

readyGet ready for Back to school with 8 favorite  Back to School tips that have helped  our family remain sane, calm and prepared for a great school year.

Tip #1 :  Family Calendar: Get out your family calendars and go to each of your children’s school websites and begin writing down all of  the upcoming school dates you will need to know.  This will help as you begin planning other activities, appointments and events in your families schedule to have balance and to keep from double booking.

Tip #2 :  Kid Spot: Designate a spot where your kids are to  keep their school  jackets, shoes, backpacks and lunch boxes.  This could  be an entry closet, or maybe  hooks and cubbies in your laundry room.  Now when its time to get ready for school , everything is it its place and easy to find.

Tip #3 : Simple Mornings: Simplify your mornings with these FREE flash cards to prompt your kids what they need to do each morning.

Tip #4 : Freezer Packs: Freeze drinks before packing.  A frozen juice boxe or bottle of water will help to keep  lunches cold and then are drinkable by lunchtime.

Tip #5: Lunch Boxes/Bags: Use insulated lunch bags or boxes to keep your kids lunch foods from entering the bacteria “danger zone” (between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Tip #6: Kids Records: Make copies of all your child’s health and emergency information  and immuization records and keep in a file labeled with their name on it. Now when it’s time to fill out forms you have all your information handy and ready to go.

Tip #7: Buying in Bulk: Take advantage of bulk buying deals on pens, crayons, paper and other items your kids will need during the school year. You might  ask other moms to buy together for bigger bulk purchases that will bring prices down even lower.

Tip #8: Clothing Swap:  Clean out your kiddos dressers and closets and ask your Mom friends to do the same then get together  and have a clothing swap a great way to fill your kids closets for back to school.

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