Why Date Your Kids?

Summer fun, vacations, pool time, BBQ’s, lazy days are coming to an end here at the Novotny home, as we begin counting down the days until school starts. And this mom is making her Fall goals.

One of my family goals this fall is to date my kids more – to spend more individualized time with each child which is not always an easy task with 5 kids.

Why Date your kids? It allows you time to connect with them with out the interruptions of the other family members. It allows you to focus on one child at a time and gives them the ability to connect with you knowing they have 100% of your attention. It allows you the ability to invest and inscribe into their lives your value system. It allows you to not just say you love them but to show it in action.

Will you join me and make it a goal this fall to date your kids?

Steps to Dating your kids:

Step #1 List – Make a list of date ideas for each of your kids. Ask them about things they would like to do with you. This could be as simple as a hike or trip to the ice cream parlor.

Step #2 Action – Put your kid dates on your calendar now. If you don’t plan- it won’t happen.

Step #3 Prepare – Make arrangements to have a successful date.
– Arrange for your other children to be taken care of ( dad or baby sitters).
– If you are going to dinner make reservations.
– If you are attending an event , purchase tickets.
– Invite your child, some children need to know the plan ahead of time.

Step #4 Engage– Create conversation by asking them open ended questions about them. Don’t spend all your time talking, take time to listen to them. Ask them about their interest, opionins, fears, goals and dreams.

Be there for your kids by making memories with one on one dates. The kind of time they will remember that you have invested in them.

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