Summer Memory Verse Mania {Part 1 Praise)

I woke up early this morning thinking about Summer and what do I want to accomplish with my kids this Summer in many areas – fun, family, academics, life skills but most of all spiritually.  Today my goal is to come up with a plan. What bible verses will we learn, what books will we read together this Summer and what can we do together as a family to make a difference in the lives of others.

Today, I’ll share with you my plan for what bible verses we will memorize this Summer.

I can remember as a little girl in Sunday school each week we had a memory verse and if we memorized that verse by the following week we would get a prize.  Then there were the many verses I had to memorize for Missionettes ( Girls Club at church) as part of the requirements to earn the badges we were working on.  Obviously I was not just motivated to learn my bible verse but the rewards were also part of my motivation.  Knowing that rewards motivated me I am pretty positive my kids would also be motivated by rewards for accomplishing their goals of memorizing bible verses this Summer.

My plan is:

Choose Verses: I am going to use the Summer memory verse mania chart  that I discovered over on The Terp Blog.  This free printable chart lists out 12 bible verses to memorize in three areas praise, promises and character. The chart has space for up to 4 kids names and allows you to check off each verse for each child as they accomplish memorizing them.

Memorize Verses :  I will print out each verse using the free printables The Terp Blog also has ready for printing and framing.  Each week I will display one of the memory verses on my kitchen counter to give my kids a visual reminder of the verse we are working on.

Reward: Finally the reward – I’m thinking it will  be a piece of candy or treat, extra screen time, permission to stay up late one night  or a family movie night for each individual verse they memorize.  Then maybe an over-sized candy bar, a special outing, or a family ice cream night when they accomplish memorizing all 12 verses.

I’m excited about beginning our Summer memory verse mania this week and hope you will join us.

You can begin by getting your free printables:

Click here to get the Free Summer Memory Verse Mania chart.

Click here to download and print out the individual verses to display in your home.

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  1. Thanks for sharing our printables! We have four more great verses {verses of promise} that we’ll be posting in the next week or two, so make sure you check back. My kids are doing a great job at this so far!

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