New Retro Action Figures and Books Help Boys Get “Gritty”

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Mac_Fence_KickstarterBoys Get “Gritty” Through Retro Action Figures and Books

There is a welcome new trend in toys for girls: fantastic new toys and books that encourage young girls to reach for the stars. But where are the similar toys for boys? Missing are male characters for boys who show their strength through traits like empathy, kindness, resourcefulness, and curiosity, instead of brute force or superhero powers. Harvard-educated entrepreneur Laura Hale aims to provide just these kinds of strong characters for boys through Generation Grit. Hale is an experienced entrepreneur, formerly of, and is a mother of three girls and a boy. “The progress in toys for girls is something to cheer about. I’m thrilled, as the mother of daughters. As the mother of a son, I know boys need better options, too,” Hale said.

Generation Grit is bringing to life a collection of characters for boys. Each character comes with an action figure, books, and accessories—all created to spark hours of reading and imaginative play. Without the use of apps, movies, or a TV show, Generation Grit encourages active play through several strategies: engage boys with an adventure story, connect them to a character, and enlist their imaginations with the adventure figure and accessories. Generation Grit’s adventure books celebrate the willingness to face hard things, to fail with grace, and to get back up and try again. “People are wired to grow through struggle. It’s how a baby learns to walk; it’s how a child learns to read,” says Hale. “As a mom, one of the most heartbreaking things I see is when a boy chooses to stay on the sidelines because he is afraid to struggle or risk failure. Great stories shape how boys see themselves, and so, in the midst of exciting adventures, Generation Grit’s stories show boys that it’s okay to fail sometimes, and the world still needs them.”

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Back Generation Grit on before July 2, 2014, and be the first to receive the new toys and books. Kickstarter funds will be used to tool and manufacture the company’s first products.

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