Getting Rid of Junk Mail

By: Molly Gold

Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of junk mail, solicitations and catalogs that you don’t have time to read and don’t want? Not only does junk mail clutter up your house, take up valuable time but it’s also bad for the environment. Every year American households receive a total of 98 billion pieces of junk mail or 392 pieces of junk mail per person, which requires 6.1 million tons of paper, according to ForestEthics. It’s time to get rid of junk mail for good.
Most junk mail senders get your name from a few companies and marketing associations. If you get delisted from their marketing database you can get rid of most of your junk mail. Visit these sites to add your name to Do Not Mail lists and opt-out of future junk mail:

Other Ways to Reduce Junk Mail
Not every company that sends you junk mail belongs to one of the above groups. So call the company’s 800 number and request your address be removed. Be sure to have the catalog or mailer on hand.
Whenever you give out your mailing address, whether you are making a purchase online or entering a sweepstakes, be sure to look for a box to “opt out” of allowing the company to rent, sell or share your information to their partners or third-parties.

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