Flipp’d Out Mom: Saving and Organizing with Refreshingly New App

screen568x568It’s normal to flip out when you suddenly find a new app that seems to fit into that perfect gap of necessity. Maybe you never even knew you needed this app. Most likely you hadn’t even conceived of it, but someone else did and now, now you have made your life easier. Flipp is this kind of app.

Flipp is an app made for mom’s that

1) need to shop

2) want to feel prepared and organized before and while they shop.
3) want to save on their purchases.


What does Flipp do? With an awesome interface, it allows you to search and browse easily through categories of flyers to find the products you need. And more importantly, it allows you to cut out these flyers and add them to your shopping list so that you don’t have to “flip” back through the magazine, frantically searching for forgotten-about items. Though maybe you want a specific item and you’re not sure the item you’re looking at is what you want – Flipp also allows you to click on items and receive further, important and relevant product information, which is great for those Mom’s of us who like to get to know – in detail – about the items they’re buying. And, finally and probably most importantly, Flipp allows you to “highlight” items on sale so that when you shop you know exactly what to grab first, before the deals run out!

Backed by a household of great reviews and names, Flipp has been talked about by USA Today, Good Housekeeping and Gizmodo, who all rave about its ease and usefulness.

Take a peak at how it’s used with this awesome video. And download it for free at Flipp.com.


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