7 Things to TEACH your Kids this Summer

1. TEACH Generosity – Watch neighbor’s pet, offer to water lawns, deliver cookies or dinner to someone in need, offer to mow neighbor’s grass…

2. TEACH Independence- Tie shoes, potty training, riding a bike, expand boundaries; take a babysitting course, Drivers Education.

3. TEACH Practical Life Skills- Learn to cook/ clean/ sew (sewing on a button), gardening, open a checking account.

4. TEACH Responsibility-Learn to pick up after themselves, create homes for belongings, giveweekly responsibilities to help things run smoothly-laundry, cookingdinner, cleaning up backyard/bedroom.

5. TEACH Family Values- Implement a Family Night, game night or devotional night as a family.

6. TEACH Fun-do the unexpected, ice cream for lunch or dinner or backwards dinner-dessert first then main meal, flashlight tag, play practicaltrick-rearrange bedrooms, or do something fun together -take a potterypainting class, learn to bowl, take tennis lessons together, go on agirls’ day out or date your sons.

7. TEACH to the Imagination-schedule uninterrupted play….one day without TV, games, electronicdevices… bring out the paper, colored pencils, paint. Prepare a dressup box. Read a book together about pirates or Christopher Columbia andsail away on a boat…the sky is the limit, create a high school memorybook, or learn a new craft- knitting or beading.

What do you want to TEACH your child this summer?

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