4th of July Popcorn

Not only do I love a big bowl of hot buttery popcorn but I love that sweet flavored kind as well…you know the kind that you find at the fair or local mall that comes in assorted flavors like apple, blueberry or even cherry. How about you do you enjoy sweet flavored popcorn? Would you like to know how you can create your own flavored popcorn? it’s so simple and it takes only a few minutes with the recipe I discovered and tried over at Clairs Creations.

I was surprised to discover that Jell-O is the secret sweet ingredient to creating your own DIY flavored popcorn and that is was a cinch to make and a fun recipe to include your kids in helping with.

Clairs Creations shares her recipe for creating Red, White and Blue popcorn to serve and give during your 4th of July celebrations. However, you could make this in a variety of other colors/flavors for upcoming birthday parties, sports team celebrations and other holidays.

Click here for the full recipe and how to instructions.

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