Top 15 Outdoor Games For Kids

Do you remember as a child those long summer days and nights playing for hours and hours the many classic games of kick ball, hide-n-seek and capture the flag? I do and I am now enjoying long Summer days and nights watching my children play some of those old classic games.

Need a new or should I saw old classic game to teach your kids this summer? Here are 15 classic neighborhood outdoor games your kids will enjoy playing for hours.

Red Rover – Click here for instructions.

Mother May I – Click here for rules and instructions.

Blind Man Bluff – Click here for instructions and rules

Red Light Green Light Click here for instructions.

Sardines- Click here for rules and instructions.

Ultimate Frisbee – Click here for instructions.

Monkey In The Middle – Click here for instructions.

Horse Basketball – Click here for instructions.

TV Tag Click here for rules.

Hide- N – SeekClick here for instructions.

Dodge Ball – Click here for rules and instructions.

4 Square – Click here for instructions.

Kick the Can- Click here for rules and instructions.

Kick Ball –Click Here for instructions.

Capture the flag Click here for rules and instructions.

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