Renovating your kid’s room

Frugaa_2So the thought of renovating your kid’s room has been on your mind for a while. But the entire ordeal seems so daunting that you have been putting it off for a while or you simply might be finding it difficult to put your best brains at work. Well, the task is not as daunting as it appears and with some creative and vibrant ideas you can indeed get the maximum out of it. So super moms, roll up your sleeves and get to work with some of our ideas that can help you transform your kid’s room.

Color schemes: Color schemes for the kid’s room to be chosen in such a way that they are vibrant and also soothing to the eyes. For instance, if you are looking for gender neutral color schemes that you can opt for a combination of aqua and white or even orange and white. These combinations not only soothe the eyes but look amazing.


Themed rooms: You can always design the room on the basis of a theme. If your kid is interested in a particular hobby, say playing guitar, you can do with the music theme. Travel themes are also amazing as they give you myriad items to choose from. Themed rooms are always a great idea as they can even transform a simple room into an exciting world that your kid harbors.

Storage area: Try keeping the room space as free as you can. You can consider setting the wardrobe at the corner of the room. Also you can set up storage steps which take up very less space and rather do away with wooden racks.

Okay, so you have compiled a list of the items that you need. But where do you get it all from? There are a couple of online retailers on where you can grab great discount coupons and promo codes. For instance, at, you can grab discounts of upto 65% on prints and posters to decorate your kid’s room.

I am sure the entire process of renovating your kid’s room would be fun. All you have is a little bit of patience and your creative best.

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