MOM Tip: Camping Recipe ~ Roasted Rolo Marshmallows

roloMOM Tip: Next time you roast marshmallows surprise your kids with this tip…

  1. Dig a little hole with your finger, into the flat side of your marshmallow.
  2. Insert one Rolo mini, trying to stuff it far enough so the outer edge is flush with the outside of the marshmallow.  (If there’s a trick to this, I have yet to discover it… it takes some wiggling, and your fingers get pretty sticky!)
    1. Spear the marshmallow from the side – passing through marshmallow first, then a portion of the Rolo, if you can.  A roasting stick with a very pointed end will work best.
    2. Roast slowly over a fire, taking longer than when you typically would to just brown the outside of a marshmallow.  It’s best if it heats internally enough to melt that caramel, and this takes some extra time.

I may have to try this on smores!

Click here for this tip from Colorado Mountain Mom.

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