The Importance of Speaking Life-giving Words Over Your Marriage


Now that  my boys have hit those middle school years where often words that come out of their mouths can tend to be putting each  other down, over teasing, or even trying to  show  off with the use of their words.  I am spending more time talking to them about speaking life into others by the words we choose to use.  Constantly reaffirming what my husband has taught them since all of our kids were old enough to talk –

” When someone walks away from you do they feel better about themselves or worse”  our goal is that they feel better about themselves  – choose your words that  give life.

Not only should we do this for others but as a married couple we need to choose words that speak life over our marriage.

I came across a great article that talks on this exact subject over at For The Family .

Why speak life over your marriage? To protect it. The enemy is constantly trying to tear down the godly institution of marriage. One major way the enemy is able to divide and conquer many marriages is through the sin of speaking lies and unkind words over one another. Just like any seed, when bad seeds are sown into our marriages by ugly words, bad fruit will grow as a result. The enemy is the father of lies and will take any and every opportunity to steal the life and love out of your marriage covenant.

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