Family Fiesta Fun For Cinco de Mayo

happyIt’s Mexican Fiesta time  or better known as Cinco de Mayo. Today I have joined in with El Monterey to celebrate and share some fun ideas to create family memories

As our family continues to call Mexico our home and being the tradition junkie mom that I am it is only obvious that we should add in celebrating Cinco de Mayo to our families annual celebrations. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration held on May 5th. It is celebrated in the United States  and regionally in Mexico. There are so many great family fun ideas on celebrating this day here are a few I discovered in my search along with a fun way to use EL Monterey products.

Facts and History:

To begin our fun I thought it would be good to share with my kids some Cinco de Mayo: Quick Facts and HistoryClick here for a great resource from Spoonful



streamerRuffled Streamers

What is a celebration without party decor’? Add in these fun to make Ruffled Streamers from Dana Made It. Click here for step by step how to.



Mini Pinate

Surprise your kids with a mini pinate as the table favor with this step by step idea from Oh Happy Day. Click here for full how to instructions



Add a bit of fun to your celebration with fun games :

Mariachi Musical Chairs Use mariachi music for this version of musical chair game game!

Pin the Tail on el Burro (Traditional pin tail on Donkey)

Limbo Kids love to see how low they can go

Pass the Chili Pepper Pass a chili pepper while music plays (Mexican version pf Hot Potato)

Sweets and Treats

cincoCinco de Mayo piñata cookies

Does it get anymore festive then celebrating Cinco de Mayo with these adorable and edible multi-striped, burro piñata sugar cookies? They come complete with hollow centers that you can fill with a secret stash of your favorite candies. One you Break open or bite into these festive treats you will discover the sweet treats inside.

She knows website gives us not only step by step written instructions and recipe but has also created a step by step video. Click here and get ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo wit these festive cookies.

ice creamDeep Fried Mexican Ice Cream

Kids of all ages can join in and help make this sweet and cool Mexican treat that is fun to eat while celebrating Cinco de Mayo

click here for step by step recipe from Tatertots and Jello


churroChurros and Chocolate

Anything with chocolate puts a smile of my face – so take a Mexican tradition of Churros and dip them into chocolate for a perfect Cinco de Mayo desert. Click here for the full how to recipe from The Baker Upstairs




basketMake it simple with the use of El Monterey products you can create a fun appetizer plate in minutes using an assortment of their delicious fast and simple products  which include  Nacho Cheese Shell Shockers, Jalapeno Ranch Shell Shockers, Southwest Chicken Seasoned Battered Taquitos, and Taco & Cheese Seasoned Battered Taquitos.  Simply place them in assorted baskets with salsa and sour cream or displaying on trays – your party guests will go crazy at the variety of appetizers you can make in minutes.




A Cinco de Mayo celebration is not  complete without a little Bandera Salsa added to your dinner and my husband has created the best recipe to add to your El Monterey Tagquitos.

Serve a plate of Southwest Chicken Seasoned Battered Taquitos, and Taco & Cheese Seasoned Battered Taquitos with a side of my husbands salsa to make a quick and fast Cinco de mayo family celebration meal that your family will devour.

Salsa Bandera


5-6  Fresh garden tomatoes or store bought vine ripped

3/4 Cup chopped  fresh cilantro

1 medium sweet onion, chopped
1  Jalapeño chiles
1 Clove garlic, minced
2 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lime juice



Chop tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Place in bowl,  Then seed and mince the jalapeno and garlic, add to bowl. Squeeze lime jusice and add salt to taste  it is that simple.


How does your family celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


Disclaimer: I have teamed up with El Monterey in support of this campaign. We received financial compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.






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